Light Bulb Changer w/11' 3-Section Aluminum Pole & 3 Changer Heads plus 2-Piece Broken Bulb Changer

The Light Bulb Changer makes it possible to change those burned out bulbs without climbing up on a ladder. This kit includes the 11 3-section aluminum pole and the heads to fit Standard, Floodlight and Recessed bulbs. The industry standard thread pattern on the aluminum pole will fit paint roller handles and other 3rd party accessories. This unit includes a Bonus 2-piece Broken Bulb Changer Head making it simple and safe to remove a broken bulb from its socket.




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  • Saves time safer than using a ladder
  • Pole has standard threads to accept all painting & washing accessories
  • 11 3-section aluminum pole
  • Standard incandescent/CFL bulb changer
  • Floodlight bulb changer
  • Recessed/track lighting bulb changer
  • Bonus 2-piece broken bulb changer


  • UPC: 017398450393
  • Body Color: Silver
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Documents

    Instruction Manual

    Warranty Sheet