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September 16, 2014 | Wylie, Texas


Nightstick® NSP-1400 Series Offers Dual-Light at Budget Friendly Price

Housing and Price are the Only Small Things About These New Products


Bayco Products, Inc., the maker of the Nightstick® brand of lighting solutions, and the only brand to offer Dual-LightTM technology, unveiled its latest product line today: the NSP-1400 Series Multi-Purpose Dual-Switch Dual-Lights. At a size of only 5.3 inches and 2.2 ounces, these compact flashlights deliver the output, versatility and functionality of larger dual-lights, but with a convenient size and affordable price that make it perfect for everyday use. Current retail price is only $10.


The NSP-1400 Series Dual-lights use CREE® LED technology, delivering a focused flashlight beam rated at 60 lumens - perfect for distance illumination - and an unfocused, wide-beam floodlight, rated at 20 lumens - ideal for close-up lighting. Leveraging the dual-switch design, with a top switch for the flashlight and bottom switch for the floodlight, users can choose to have either light work independently, or run both at the same time for maximum versatility and functionality with a dual-light rated at 90 lumens.


Each light in the series is powered by 2-AAA batteries (included), making them easy to maintain. All-LED technology means users don’t carry the same concerns of bulb burn-out that accompany traditional flashlights. And, keeping in line with the Nightstick dedication to reliability and durability, these lights are designed from an engineered polymer housing with a soft-touch finish and non-slip grip. All are water resistant, and impact and chemical resistant.


Models within the NSP-1400 Series are differentiated only by the color of their housing and floodlight color output, giving users the freedom to choose based on preference and intended usage:


  • NSP-1400B: Black housing with white LED flashlight and white LED floodlight
  • NSP-1400R: Red housing with white LED flashlight and white LED floodlight
  • NSP-1400T: Tan housing with white LED flashlight and white LED floodlight
  • NSP-1402B: Black housing with white LED flashlight and red LED floodlight, perfect for night vision preservation
  • NSP-1404B: Black housing with white LED flashlight and green LED floodlight, perfect for night vision preservation


“With its compact size and dual-light functionality, the NSP-1400 Series flashlights are a must-have tool for everyday use,” says Russell Hoppe, Marketing Manager for Nightstick. “They’re perfect for walking the dog, household tasks, and even for letting the kids carry on Halloween. People will want to purchase several, and with their reliability, durability, and a price of only $10, they’ll feel comfortable doing so.”


To find a retailer near you, visit: https://www.baycoproducts.com/where-to-buy



Designed and manufactured by Bayco Products, Inc., NIGHTSTICK is a global brand of professional lighting products, including flashlights, headlamps and Intrinsically Safe lighting solutions that continue to exceed industry standards in performance, quality, user-safety, and value. NIGHTSTICK’s vast line-up of LED lighting products deliver optimal performance with real-world applications in mind. With an unwavering commitment to product quality and exceptional Customer Service, NIGHTSTICK is the professional’s only choice. Life Depends On LightTM.



For 30 years, Bayco Products’ vast array of portable and corded lighting products, have been the preferred choice of professionals and discriminating consumers. In its 110,000 square foot facility, located in the Dallas, TX area, Bayco’s dedicated engineering team continually seeks out innovative new product solutions that provide exceptional day-to-day utility and help maximize user safety. The NIGHTSTICK and BAYCO brands are established and recognized world-wide as high-performance, high-quality, and high-value lighting solutions across virtually every industry.


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